PostHeaderIcon Trad routes, bouldering and big wall trips

Except sport routes Sergey climbed the trad routes (hard grit), bouldering and have a part of some expeditions to big walls.



Italy, Val Masino:

7c/8a FLASH "Traverso ponte di baffo"


TRAD (HARD GRIT) routes by Sergey:

E7 6b/c (Fb 7b+) "140 battiti"
E8 6с/7a (Fb 7c/7c+) "Sinfonia in la maggiore"  first ascent

Ukraine, Crimea:

E6/E7 6с (Fb 7c) "Iscushenie" ("Искушение") first ascent
E5 6b (Fb 7a+/b) "Bad boys" first ascent
E8/Е9 7b (Fb 8c/8c+) "Boikot muham" ("Бойкот мухам") first ascent
E4 6b (Fb 6c+) "Burbulator" ("Бурбулятор") first ascent



2007 Venezuela

2009 Mount Fisht

In the near future will be more information and stories about these interesting projects...